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Taking Emergency Management Back to Basics

Emergency planning is not complex. Yet many Australian organisations are putting lives at risk by not being adequately prepared.

Emergency management planning is a regulatory requirement of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. An effective emergency management plan helps ensure your organisation is equipped to make urgent decisions about keeping your people safe.

In many organisations, demands on property managers and safety officers are increasing. Officers often find themselves taking on extra responsibilities that pull their focus away from emergency management planning.

To manage their workload, meet compliance obligations and operate within budget restraints, organisations typically fall into a process-based ‘tick the box’ approach that has limited alignment to their people. The risk with this approach is that property managers and safety officers become less motivated to effectively train team members to lead during an emergency. Participants lose engagement and this ultimately this puts lives at risk.

Equipping your workforce to manage emergencies

Compliance with standards and regulations is critical. Yet, industry buzz words and jargon have complicated a once simple message – people come first.

At FirstAction, we’ve taken the complexity out of industry standards and regulatory compliance. We’ve ripped apart the buzz words and extracted the essence of what’s important – saving lives. By getting back to basics we aim to save you time and angst and ultimately help you care for your people.

By keeping things simple, FirstAction gives safety officers the confidence to decide a ‘stay or go’ response when under pressure of an emergency: to remain within the safe confines of the building (stay) or evacuate (go).

FirstAction gives you:

  • The most engaging warden training program available – Stay or Go
  • Realistic evacuation and lockdown exercises to rehearse emergency responses
  • Attractive, practical and compliant evacuation diagrams
  • Quality and cost effective emergency safety products
  • An intuitive online and mobile technology platform, Activate, for a faster and more efficient emergency response.

Emergency management planning is essentially about saving lives. To ensure your organisation is not only compliant but also focused on the wellbeing of your people, FirstAction cuts straight to the essentials, taking you back to basics.

To get started on your FirstAction safety program, contact us today.

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