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Switch to Digital with Activate

Switch to Digital with Activate

If a Facility Manager was asked if their organisation met the requirements of
Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, they would of course, say yes. After all, part of their job is to ensure compliance is met and meeting these requirements tick the box. If the same Facility Manager was asked to present their Emergency Response plan, there’s a high probability that a stack of papers would be retrieved from the furthest corner of the filing cabinet. Ok… maybe it’s a slight over-exaggeration about the filing cabinet, but no doubt a paper-based plan will be presented.

So what happens during an emergency with a paper-based plan? We all know that during an emergency, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is rummaging through the stack of papers to review the process required to manage an emergency. Tell any Facility Manager that this is an ineffective way of managing emergencies and they would probably ask: “what’s the alternative?”
The alternative is to switch to digital and have all your paper-based plans accessible at your fingertips. At FirstAction, we do just that.

The FirstAction team is able to deliver a compliance essentials program that not only meets the requirements of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, but they will also equip your organization to respond in a quick and effective way in an emergency

This solution is Activate – a game-changing online Platform and Mobile App that fundamentally improves the way organisations manage their emergency management program and respond to emergency events. Activate gives you greater control and simplified management of your sites and faster coordination, tracking and communication when responding to emergencies.

Activate provides your organisation with an holistic view of your sites’ emergency management plan through the Activate online portal. It empowers you to:

  • Manage each site’s critical information
  • Manage warden team listings and contacts
  • Conduct site based risk assessments
  • Access and print your Energency Response Plans
  • Review and schedule your training
  • Access your training records and reports

During an actual emergency, Activate empowers you to manage the emergency via the Activate App, enabling you to:

  • Initiate emergency events
  • Activate your warden teams
  • Track response activities and tasks
  • Monitor and manage work areas and assembly points
  • Communicate and report during an emergency event

Activate App

Activate is suitable for every organisation regardless of its size or industry. It is cost effective, intuitive and requires minimal training. Visit Activate to find out more.

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