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In the event of an emergency, do you STAY or GO?

Emergency Response | Stay or Go

One of the essential components for Australian businesses to meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities is to conduct emergency response training to keep staff engaged.

This training is coordinated by a Chief Warden supported by several wardens (relative to the size of the organisation). This group is called the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).

In any emergency evacuation, it is up to the ECO to manage the orderly dumping of a building. An ECO’s role is to save lives. It is their responsibility to ensure all staff members are safely evacuated and congregated at the assembly point. For an ECO to be emergency ready, members must participate in regular emergency response training and evacuation drills. This is often considered an inconvenience, taking precious productivity time away from employees. So how do we engage the ECO members and motivate them to embrace their responsibilities as safety wardens?

At FirstAction, we believe the level of engagement and motivation is determined by the delivery method. Being a company that is always trying to improve the way we do things, we have rolled out a new Emergency Response Training approach called STAY or GO.

With a more engaging and dynamic facilitation style, the STAY or GO approach takes emergency response training back to basics. This approach has proven to significantly engage participants and empower them to assess an incident and make a simple decision, do we STAY or GO?

FirstAction has facilitated the STAY or GO approach with a number of clients which has been extremely well received. Client warden teams exposed to this program were highly engaged, performed better during emergency evacuation drills, walked away more confident and had less downtime away from the office.

Ask yourself this question: In an emergency, will your ECO be confident to decide whether you Stay or Go?

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