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FirstAction Welcomes NSCA Partnership

On Thursday the 12th of January 2017, FirstAction officially became a Gold Member of the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation (NSCAF) by welcoming General Manager Jamie Burrage to our head office in Sydney. We were presented with our plaque and spent some quality time together talking about 2017’s exciting plans. In all honesty, it was a fantastic start to the day!

FirstAction | Be Emergency Ready

Phil Archer – General Manager at FirstAction, Jackie Savci – Operations Manager at FirstAction and Jamie Burrage – NSCA Foundation General Manager (L to R)

Although we’d love to boast about how far FirstAction have come in the last year, it’s important to understand why we partnered with an organisation like this, what it means for the future of Emergency Management and more importantly, what it means for your organisation and how we can provide you with even more support and content.

The NSCA, for the past 90 years, has played an important role in helping inspire, educate, inform and engage Australian businesses in best practice WHS/OHS and Risk Management.

“Our vision remains to assist Australian workplaces to be the safest in the world and protect their most important asset – their people”

FirstAction view this as a partnership where both companies can provide a considerable amount of resources and development of WHS/OHS within Australia whilst promoting organisations to have clear plans in place that ultimately save lives – how can we make it as cool and easy as possible for our clients? It’s quite simply about our ‘why’! In the last year, we’ve looked at ways that we could provide more innovative products and technology around that ‘why’. Introducing the birth of ‘Activate’.

Switch to digital | Activate App

In Australia, Safe Work Australia and WHS/OHS regulatory authorities in each state and territory have the responsibility to enforce WHS/OHS Legislation (Acts and Regulations). Regulations set out the standards business need to meet for specific hazards and risks, such as but not limited to noise, machinery, manual handling, and emergency management to name a few. FirstAction, a leading dedicated provider of Emergency Management solutions and trusted partner for hundreds of organisations throughout Australia has partnered with the NSCAF to provide a highly professional and practical service that provides the means for Australian businesses to quickly and safely deal with any emergency event and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance is met.

We will be focusing on some key movements and changes to the market over 2017 with opportunities like the events held by the NSCAF, in particular, a spot at the Sydney Member connect on March 22nd, where you can will see yours truly show off our game changing app, ‘Activate‘.

Switch to digital | Activate App

NSCAF are strong ambassadors to the innovative nature (I’m proud to say) FirstAction now represents. In particular, Jamie has mentioned how he’d like more people to see the app and it’s added support to an organisations Emergency Management programme. This means across the board, we are now able to provide more resource, content and solutions for you and your people to stay in control but also allow more people who care about safety to explore how something like ‘Activate’ can help.

The future of a healthy safety culture within Australian workplaces lies primarily in the hands of leaders in communities and organisations to promote a positive safety culture. Leaders are the people who influence the attitudes and behaviours of others sometimes through their formal role and often by their personal influence. Leaders are identified at every level of an organisation from the Health and Safety Reps to Senior Managers, MD’s & CEO’s. A proactive leadership and management style can improve an organisation’s WHS performance. FirstAction aim to support this on a level not yet seen before in the Emergency Management space in Australia.

Now with the NSCAF on board with our vision, we will be changing the Emergency Management landscape with game-changing products and services suited to more organisations across Australia & New Zealand.

2017 is looking like a great year, things are already moving fast and exciting opportunities are occurring, so watch this space!!!

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