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Evacuation Diagrams

Emergency Evacuation Diagram

The Australian Standard 3745 outlines the design requirements for evacuation diagrams and what needs to be displayed on these plans. To meet regulations and be deemed compliant, your diagrams need to:

  • Be no more than 5 years old
  • Be displayed in all general areas of high traffic and at all exits
  • Be placed between a height of 1.2 metres and 1.6 metres from the floor
  • Be orientated and contain a ‘You Are Here’ sign
  • Contain all fire protection and communication equipment clearly marked
  • Clearly display all assembly areas
  • Include labels with the type of fire extinguisher
  • Contain a legend reflecting all symbols used in the diagram
  • Include the validity date of the diagram
  • Are easy to read and follow in the event of an emergency\
  • Clearly display all exits in green
  • Be A3 in size with a pictorial representation of the site a minimum of 298mm x 210mm
  • Have the title ‘Evacuation Diagram’

As the specialist provider of Emergency Response planning, training, exercising and evacuation diagrams to hundreds of Manufacturers across Australia, we understand that keeping your staff and buildings safe whilst complying with legal regulations is a priority. At FirstAction, our cost effective solutions allow you to go about your day knowing your building’s occupants can safely go about theirs.

Call us today on 1300 994 707 or email to find out how our experienced and qualified team can help ensure your evacuation diagrams are compliant.

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