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Emergency Response Training

Empowering your everyday hero through training

At FirstAction we understand the importance of providing your people with the right emergency response training to save the lives of their employees during an emergency. Wardens, chief wardens and other workers who are members of the emergency control organisation (ECO) require the correct knowledge and tools to become your everyday heroes when it matters most.

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Training Sessions Include

Warden Training

Wardens involved in a client’s Emergency Response Team must be equipped with the awareness, knowledge and practical skills to perform their specific roles. FirstAction offers face-to-face and online Warden training sessions to provide a highly practical and flexible learning experience.

Chief Warden Training

Chief Wardens involved in the organisation’s emergency response structure must be equipped with the awareness, knowledge and practical skills to lead a warden team and coordinate the emergency response. This focused 30-minute face-to-face session builds from the warden session and hones in on the management capabilities of the Chief Warden group to maximise their effectiveness in an emergency.

Emergency Awareness Session

Building occupants should have a basic understanding of the procedures in place and the process required in the event of an emergency. This intensive face-to-face 15-minute session will provide potentially life-saving information for occupants and an opportunity to ask questions about the program.

Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) Training/ Meeting

The organisation’s Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) must be equipped with the necessary knowledge, structure and practical skills to manage the organisations emergency management requirements. This 60-minute face-to-face session will assist to guide EPC members in their responsibilities.

Evacuation Exercise

Annual evacuation and/or lockdown exercises are essential for every organisation to rehearse the emergency response process and continually build awareness. FirstAction will provide the scenario and structure for the exercise, observe the effectiveness of the response and provide constructive feedback in the form of a debrief and a post exercise report.

Online First Attack Fire Fighting

This 30 minutes online First Attack Fire Fighting session will accompany Warden Sessions to ensure Wardens have a practical understanding of basic fire theory, identifying, selecting and using portable firefighting equipment.

Warden Handbooks and Quick Reference Cards

Each identified Warden receives a practical Warden handbook and quick reference card that summarises the key procedures and emergency information relevant to the organisation. These are made available at all face-to-face training sessions.

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