Hi Viz Tactical Vest

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Increased visibility – Tough, Durable MaterialPlenty of pockets/storage options – One size fits all 

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Increased visibility – This hi-vis vest will help to keep the wearer safe in periods of low light, as well as to deter would-be criminals and allow the wearer to be easily identifiable as a staff member. This makes it a great choice if you’re working the doors at a pub, club or venue.

Tough, Durable Material – The tactical hi-vis vest we’ve chosen is fashioned from Nylon 600d and high quality strong-mesh fabric. Nylon is stronger than polyester, which means that this vest is especially hardwearing and warm.

Choice of colour – The main choices of colour (black or yellow) will evoke different reactions on the part of the observer.

Plenty of pockets/storage options – These vests can hold everything from torches to Tasers, all within easy reach of the wearer. People in security are routinely given a lot of equipment to cart around with them. This equipment must, by necessity, be obtainable at a moment’s notice. The hi-vis tactical vest that we like best helps make this possible.

One size fits all – If you’re an employer, there’s no need to order extra vests in order to cater for the varying sizes and shapes of your staff. One regular vest fits pretty much everyone. The adjustable straps can fit anywhere between size ‘XS’ and ‘XXL’.

Safety straps – Specialised Velcro safety straps help to ensure a snug, secure fit, as well as the safety of any equipment attached to the vest. The vest itself can even be strapped to the wearer’s belt for an extra secure fit. There is also a strong handle on the back of the vest, which allows it to be carried safely when full of equipment, or, in case of emergencies, to drag the wearer to safety.

Removable identification patches/badges – ID patches help to further increase visibility, as they clearly mark the wearer as being ‘SECURITY’ or ‘EVENT STAFF’ or similar. Because these patches are attached by Velcro, the wearer can easily exchange them for different patches (e.g ‘First Aid’ or ‘Dog Handler’). There is also a clear window pocket to contain an ID badge or SIA licence, as well as available spaces for staff numbers or other forms of colleague identification.

Utilities – This vest has been designed to connect with a fairly large array of specialist equipment. The front of the jacket features two utility click holders for a radio, remote speaker mic or body cam (which is very useful if these devices are to be used in ‘hands free’ mode). There is also a radio pocket with an elasticated strap and a Peter Jones ‘Klick Fast’ dock for body cameras or two-way radios.

Subjective Features – Of course, much of the information above could be considered subjective. It is important to consider, then, that although the tactical hi-vis vest can carry a lot of equipment, too much equipment can be a burden, slowing the wearer down and limiting their movement. Velcro, though widely used and highly regarded can, at times, be frustrating, as it sticks to everything, especially itself. It can also ruin clothing. The wearer (or their employer) will also need to source the separate patches for themselves, as the vest only comes with the standard security patches.


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